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Day for Daniel 2021

Today our students wore red to mark Day for Daniel, as they were visited by Bruce and Denise Morcombe, who shared their “Kids Safe” safety message. St Josephs' students, teachers, support staff and parents were treated to this message through a fun and educational safety message, delivered by the Morcombe’s, that held all of our school community's attention. Not a peep could be heard as our school community listened to both Bruce and Denise talk and engaged so beautifully with them.

Bruce and Denise’s passion for their cause of keeping children safe is inspiring and their talk today, together with resources from their website, certainly resonates with children and adults.

Their safety message can be broken down by the three “R’s”, which is “Recognise, React and Report”. This safety message applies to any activity that the Morcombe’s described as “in real life” or “in the online world”.

It was wonderful to see students dressed in red today as a reminder of these important safety messages.

St Joseph's school community thanks Bruce and Denise Morcombe for their visit today and sharing their inspiring 'safety message'.


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