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Year 3 Excursion: What goes down the drain?

On Thursday 9th September the students of Year 3 had the opportunity to put into practice and explore the question of - What goes down the drain?

The students enjoyed a bus ride to Harbour Beach and had the opportunity to explore the beach surroundings before listening to a very informative presentation from Mr Dorante and Mr Barba. The presentation covered the topics of how rubbish makes its way to the ocean and how it effects the wildlife on both the land and in the water. Students were also able to learn about the local animals that have been affected by rubbish in waterways, beaches and in the surroundings lands. The students were given a first hand demonstration of how to cast a net by Mr Barba and some were lucky enough to have a go themselves. The students participated in the Great Northern Clean-Up Australia and picked up rubbish down at the beach and in the park areas with their special gloves and collection bags. The students were shocked at the amount of plastics that were collected in a small area of the beach especially the small pieces of broken plastics tangled in the seaweed and the birthday party items of party poppers, sprinkles and lollies pop sticks collected from the picnic area.

A yummy lunch was waiting for the students at the Light House that was then enjoyed at the Mulherin Memorial Park. After a play and explore of the park surroundings and making sure all their rubbish was in the bins, they headed back to school a little tired but more empowered with their new knowledge and experience of what really goes down the drain.


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