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Here at St Joseph's we are blessed with a very talented and dedicated group of staff. We work together to promote an environment that is welcoming, positive, respectful, caring and supportive for all.

Leadership Team

Deborah Mallet

Acting Principal


Marcelle Price

Assistant Principal Religion


Nicole Risson

Acting Assistant Principal Curriculum


Our Staff

Learning Support

Admin Secretary

Finance Secretary

IT Support

Prep GM


Prem M

Year 1R

Year 1J

Year 2E

Year 2P

Year 3D

Year 3WE

Year 4D

Year 4S

Year 5H

Year 5B

Year 6HP


Year 6R

Mrs Louise Corry

Mrs Melissa Fahl

Mrs Tracey McPherson

Mrs Michelle Vella

Mrs Jean Geiger/

Mrs Anna Muller

Miss Kaitlin McLennan

Miss Rosina Jeston

Mrs Tina Jansen

Mrs Rachael Worsley

Mrs Emma Percy

Mrs Amber Oates

Mrs Alicia Wardrop/

Mrs Lisa Evans

Mrs Christine Davies

Ms Tiharny Stevens

Mrs Jasmine Housden

Mr Joseph Borg

Mrs Carla Hinschen/

Mrs Marcelle Price

Mrs Zoe Rippingale

PE Specialist Teacher

Music Specialist Teacher

Technology Specialist


School Counsellor

Indigenous Education

Liaison Officer

Library Assistant

Tuckshop Coordinator

Mrs Christine McLennan

Mrs Julieanne Schmid

Mrs Christine McLennan

Mrs Wilma Dixon

Mrs Bianca Dorante

Ms Sheree Morrison

Mrs Kate Walker

Teacher Assistants

Mrs Lynette Harris

Mrs Chloe Crocker

Mrs Ann-Marie Reitano 

Mrs Jo Cannon

Mrs Leigh Hollywood

Mrs Natalie Franettovich

Mrs Roxarne Hottes

Miss Erica Price

Mrs Tiffany Bobeldyk

Mrs Karey Derdziak

Mrs Kacey Barba

Mrs Tanya Sabatino

Miss Taylar Stewart

Mrs Kelly Leonard

OSHC Co-ordinator


Mrs Deborah Gillham

Mr Tony Stockham

Mr Tom Carey

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