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At St Joseph’s we believe that all learners can achieve success. Guided by our faith and informed by our School Pedagogical Framework, our vision is to inspire innovative and effective models of teaching and learning in a safe, engaging, challenging, digitally-rich, personalised and contemporary learning environment for students.


It is St Joseph's school’s curriculum vision that each of our students has the knowledge, understanding and skills to actively participate in global learning environments, safely and confidently; actively inquiring, questioning, problem solving and applying their knowledge to a variety of contexts, through collaborative teaching and planning. This, together, with the Religious Education learning experiences provide children with the foundations of a meaningful and joy-filled life.


We believe:

  • All learners are able to achieve high standards.

  • Every learner is an individual who learns in different ways.

  • Learners learn best when they have ownership and responsibility for their own learning.

  • Engagement is catalyst for learning - learners need to actively engage in inquiry or investigative activities to develop their own understandings of the world.

  • All learners need to have a growth mindset and reflect on their learning

  • Learning is the responsibility of the whole school community

  • Relationships between students, staff, parents, and the wider community are at the centre of all that we do.


We aim to develop learners who:

  • Follow Jesus' values and beliefs as a guide for their lives

  • Are resilient in the face of challenge

  • Take responsibility for their own learning

  • Are critical and creative

  • Persist when challenges happen

  • Are risk takers, lateral thinkers and problem solvers

  • Are curious and creative about their learning and knowledge of the world

  • Are reliable, independent and co-operative

  • Reflect on their own learning

  • Are literate and numerate

  • Use technologies to enhance their learning


We aim to ensure teaching and learning is maximised:

  • By developing a strong and positive culture where all feel safe, respected and are part of an inclusive environment that enhances learning and self-development

  • Through the promotion of quality relationships

  • Where our agreed school dispositions are nurtured and encouraged to reflect Gospel values for lifelong learning

  • Where the learner is engaged and motivated in a learning environment that supports, respects and values them

  • Through the promotion of positive self-worth of all learners

  • Where the learner develops a self-awareness of how they best learn

  • Through challenging and encouraging learners to be risk takers

  • Where ongoing assessment is being gathered, analysed and used as an integral component of knowing the learner and where to go next

  • Where all staff are skilled to implement best practice to deliver an informed and comprehensive curriculum using analysed data, in order to ensure ongoing success

  • Through evidence based teaching and scaffolded learning

  • Enhanced using contemporary tools and pedagogy

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay | Prep - Year 6

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