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On behalf of the St Joseph’s School community, I warmly welcome you to our school. Whether you are an existing family seeking information, or a family considering St Joseph’s as a choice of school for your children, thank you for your interest.  

I am very proud to be the Acting Principal of this wonderful Catholic school. It is a privilege for me to work with our students, our staff, our families and our parishioners as we strive to make our school the very best it can be. Every school is uniquely different. We pride ourselves on being family-oriented, with a distinct emphasis on the values of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy.

We support and encourage each member of our community - student, staff and parent, to be the best they can be and together endeavour to journey with Jesus, learn, nurture connectedness and aim higher and achieve more every day.

At St Joseph’s, teachers work with our students to establish positive relationships, where each student understands that their teacher knows them, cares about them and wants them to be successful.  

We are committed to individual excellence and nurturing each student’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth. At St Joseph’s, we offer each student quality experiences in all areas of curriculum so students can discover their strengths and passions.

Teachers strive to create engaging and challenging learning environments that are focussed on meeting individual needs, encouraging each student to believe in themselves and see themselves as effective learners.

Student safety and wellbeing are areas of high priority at St Joseph’s. In partnership with our families, we lead students to develop positive, respectful relationships with each other and understand that their choices of words and actions have an impact on others.

As Acting Principal of St Joseph’s, I lead a committed and professional staff who work collaboratively, in partnership with each student and parent.  Mutual respect and trust are values which are at the centre of all communications when addressing any concerns between home and our school.  We believe parents are key partners in their child’s learning and in the life of the school. Therefore, parent voice and involvement in our school is greatly valued and welcomed.

This website invites you to take a snapshot of what is offered at St Joseph’s and glimpses of opportunities given to students to reach their potential. St Joseph’s is a great place for learning. We are incredibly proud of the environment we enjoy, the high standards we set and the exciting opportunities we provide for our young learners. We have much to offer every child and passionately believe we can make a difference to their formative years.

To find out more about the unique learning opportunities we offer at our great school, I invite you to come and visit St Joseph’s in person.

Deborah Mallet

Acting Principal

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