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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is a faith-filled learning community that promotes student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships in a supportive, Catholic environment to assist students to reach their full potential.


The three interconnected domains of MIND (Learning), BODY (Connecting) and HEART (Belonging), underpinned by a strengths-based approach, provide the foundation for enhanced student wellbeing, positive behaviour, improved learning outcomes and resilience.


The key components and practices of mental health and wellbeing at St Joseph’s are guided by the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework. The framework defines four key components: Catholic Ethos and Learning Environment, Curriculum, Empower and Support, and Partnerships. These four elements connect in the following ways to our Vision for Teaching and Learning:

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay | Prep - Year 6

The first step in facilitating standards of positive behaviour is communicating those standards to all members of our school community. At St Joseph’s we emphasise the importance of explicitly teaching students the behaviours we want them to demonstrate at school. 

Prioritising Wellbeing

Wellbeing relates to the whole person and the interconnectedness of physical, cognitive, cultural, spiritual, social/emotional and psychological/personal dimensions within the person. Placing the child at the centre of our practice enables schools to build the wellbeing of students in all learning environments. Schools support student wellbeing by focusing on catholic values, creating a safe environment which fosters connection, belonging and help-seeking. 

An inclusive school culture with an emphasis on combining well-being and learning allows for optimal student development. Schools in partnership with families will equip students to be active and empowering participants in their community. Student wellbeing is enhanced when schools collaborate and link with the expertise, support and perspective of their communities. Community engagement strengthens how students connect, belong and learn. 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay | Prep - Year 6

Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional wellbeing. Good mental health is central to a child's development. It is associated with feeling happy and positive about oneself and enjoying life; healthy relationships with family and friends; participation in physical activity and eating a healthy diet; the ability to relax and get a good nights sleep and community participation and belonging. We need good strong mental health to build strong friendships/relationships, adapt to change and deal with life's challenges.

~ Headspace National, 2016

The wellbeing and learning outcomes of young people are enhanced when they feel connected to others and experience safe, trusting relationships.

Our Values & Wellbeing

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay | Prep - Year 6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay | Prep - Year 6

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