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EISTEDDFOD Choral Verse Speaking 2021

Week 2 has been a very busy week with the Eisteddfod in Choral Verse speaking. Over the past few weeks many of our students have been performing in the Dance, Music, and Speech and Drama Eisteddfods. This week, all students participated in the Choral Verse Speaking. We are so very proud of all of them. A huge round of applause, also, for our teachers who prepared our students so well, particularly our conductor teachers. Together with our students, you were all fabulous, on the MECC stage.

Our results from this week’s Choral Verse were:

Prep: 2nd Place

Year 1: 3rd Place

Year 2: 3rd Place

Year 3: 3rd Place

Year 4: 2 nd Place

Year 5: 3rd Place

Year 6: 3rd Place

A huge thank you to all our wonderful families who attended Eisteddfod and cheered on our efforts.


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